The dedication and hard work of our excellent staff provides the day-to-day drive required to expand our services and increase our successes with young people. However, it is important that the work of the LBA is known and accessible to as many as possible.

We are grateful, therefore, when people of public stature give up their time in order to publicise and encourage the work we undertake.

It is extremely rewarding to see how impressed our visitors have been by the dedication and drive of the staff and by the optimism, attitude and tenacity of the young people with whom we work.

Audley Harrison Visits the LBA

13th April 2010 - Following his successful European title fight against Michael Sprott, Audley Harrison visited the London Boxing Academy to meet the youngsters in training, and to share a few words with invited guests.

Audley at the LBA

Audley described how he had to rise above the environment of his early years which were mostly spent on housing estates, getting into trouble with the police, and generally being a nuisance to society. Following incarceration in his late teens Audley made a decision to change his ways and the way he impacted on his community.

Since this time he has earned a degree from Brunel University, an Olympic gold medal, an MBE, a European title, and he should be challenging for a world title soon.

It has been a long journey for this West London born boxer. However, Audley harrison has shown that with a positive mind and a reasonable level of support the young people of London, however modest their start in life may be, can transcend the social and economic problems that surround them.

The LBA sincerely thank Audley for taking time out to visit us and share some of his life experiences with our young people, and the invited guests who were fortunate enough to be present.

Boris Johnson on the LBA

Boris Jouhnson, Mayor of London, visited the London Boxing Academy to find out about its work with young people.

The academy was initially founded as a boxing and weight training facility in 2000 for amateur and professional boxers but after working successfully with troubled young people, it began accepting students referred by the Haringey Pupil Support Centre.

Now the project offers lessons in subjects ranging from mathematics and English to computing, mechanics and art. All students combine their studies with sports training.

Many of those who use the centre have previously been involved with criminal activity and are helped back onto the right track through sporting activity.

The Mayor spent his time meeting staff and students and asked many insightful questions regarding the aspirations of the academy and it's clients. Mr Johnson was extremely impressed by all he sa during his visit and on leaving said:

"Young people come here, get an education get fantastically fit and get some much-needed direction. The London Boxing Academy is a fantastic institution that does amazing good for the community and all the young people who go there. The guys running the gym are able to communicate with these kids and to motivate them to use their energies in all the right ways."


This year's pupil premium is not yet been established (2014/2015), however, it will be invested into our students via such activities as listed above. By using strategies such as this students are more motivated and receive greater support.