The LBA works in partnership with organisations such as the Haringey Youth Offending Service, Youth Inclusion Program, Haringey Pupil Support Centre, Haringey Recreation Services and Haringey Police.

We also work with the Haringey Youth Service, local youth centres and housing estate management committees.

We are sponsored by many diverse organisations. Without their generosity we could not deliver the range of services we offer

Sports Academy Ring

The Footsteps Trust   The Footsteps Trust
The LBA Trust   The London Boxing Academy Trust
cIVITAS   Civitas - The Institute for the Study of Civil Society
Haringey Council   Haringey Youth Offending Service
Haringey Recreation Services
Haringey Youth Service
Haringey Pupil Support Centre
Haringey 6th Form Centre   Haringey 6th Form Centre
Hackney Kearning Trust   The Learning Trust
Community Action Sport   Community Action Sport