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The London Boxing Academy (LBA) was established in 2000 and delivers quality boxing tuition and coaching via LBA courses and programs.

The LBA works in partnership with organisations such as Community Action Sport, Haringey Mencap, Haringey Recreation Service, Haringey Youth Service, Haringey Youth Offending Service, Haringey Youth Inclusion Program, Haringey Pupil Support Centre and Haringey Police, Enfield Education Dept, and many North London schools.

We also work with community centres and estate management committees.

Education Group

The ethos of the LBA is to instil in our clients the discipline, responsibility and good decision making that is vital in order to harness talent, aggression and energy, thus enhancing the positive impact our clients have on their community. The LBA introduces the idea of target setting and goal attainment that is so important to breaking a negative cycle of behaviour.

Just the physical activity on its own is a vital first step to boosting self esteem in a peer group where shared goals are achieved. Our clients experience positive behaviour and life-affirming levels of respect from their peer group, from their role models, their friends, their community and perhaps most importantly, from themselves.


Sports Academy Boxing Zone

The LBA takes a holistic approach to identifying, confronting and removing all negative aspects of a young person's environment which may adversely affect and hinder their development.

With these new skills and positive behaviours, our learners are far better equipped to find fulfilling and sustained employment within their communities and to help enhance the lives of those around them.

It has become clear to the LBA and our partners that the special environment of an LBA course is perfectly adapted for this purpose. There are many mentors and role models in the coaching team and senior boxers of the LBA. The physical environment of the LBA provides a positive challenge for our learners that tests their abilities and promotes self awareness and development.


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